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Music in Nork Park Sunday 16th July 2023

Music in Nork Park (MINP) organises an annual music festival for the community of Nork, Surrey. It is free to attend and is intended to cover a wide genre of musical tastes so that it is fun for all the family. The event has been running for over 30 years having started originally in 1992, and we’ve grown into an event providing a full afternoon of entertainment with around 3,000 people in attendance. This year the event is taking place on Sunday 16th July.
The event is free allowing anyone from the community to attend. We raise money to not only cover the cost of the event, but we also look to raise additional funds to allow us to support a local charity each year. We raise money through sponsorship, donations from people who attend and by running a bar and a raffle. Before Covid the event was growing and proving to be very successful. In 2018 we raised £5,000 and paid for the training for Cilla, a Guide Dog. In 2019 we raised £6,000 for Riding for the Disabled enabling them to purchase additional shelters for the horses.

Our chosen charity
This year we are hoping the weather will be kind and attendance will return to pre-covid numbers. Our chosen charity is Kingswood Shetlands and Friends. They are a small community interest not for profit organisation offering Animal Assisted Therapy to children and adults with additional needs. For more information see: kingswoodshetlands

The group provides Animal Assisted Therapy to improve mental, physical, social and emotional functioning with the aid of animals. Depending on the needs of the individual, many different animals can be used in therapy, including horses (also called equine-assisted therapy), rabbits, sheep, goats and other animals. Animal-assisted therapy takes place in a variety of settings, including prisons, hospitals, nursing homes, Schools and mental health facilities.

This year we welcome back Mr Colin Roy and it will be great to see Sarah Pullen back on stage, as well as other favourites like the Surrey Show Choir, Electric 80’s and Audacity we have some wonderful new young talent one of which will be playing on the gate as you enter from 11am and another will open the show on the main stage at an earlier time of 11.30am

Hope to see you all there which I hope will be another amazing event for the residents of Nork.

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Last Edited: 24/10/2023
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