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Nork Quarterly

Advertising Opportunities
The Nork Quarterly, provides an excellent advertising opportunity for local shops and local companies.
2020 Advertising Rates
Full Page
178 x 127mm wide      £60.00 colour
Half Page
86 x 127mm wide        £37.50 colour
Quarter Page
40x 127mm wide        £25.00 colour
Premium positions
(Covers or first page)  
£20 extra

Print Copy Deadlines
2020 Copy Deadlines
Vol 71 No. 1 2020
Vol 71 No. 2 2020
Vol 71 No. 3 2020
Vol 71 No. 4 2020
3 February
11 May
24 August
2 November
To contact us
If you would like to advertise, please fill in the form on the Contact Us page from the About menu.
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