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Reigate & Banstead Corporate Plan

The Council’s current Corporate Plan runs from 2015 to 2020
It sets a vision for RBBC to be a leading Council, which will:
  • Deliver quality services and support
  • Provide value for money
  • Make the borough a great place to live
  • Respond to the needs and demands of residents and businesses; and
  • Be an increasingly commercial organisation in the face of cuts to government grant
What has changed since 2014?
The work of the Council is influenced by:
  • Global economic and environmental and climate issues
  • National legislation and policy, including economic and fiscal strategy, welfare reform and universal credit, health and social care reforms, homelessness legislation, housing and planning policies
  • Sub-national and local issues, such as demographic trends, changing technology, local housing market pressures, partner organisation cuts, the new Council leadership
Evidence gathering
Work has already started on reviewing the Corporate Plan which includes:
  • Review of contextual data (things like demographic trends, economic trends) and updated ‘Borough Profile’
  • Assessment of likely future national and sub-national policy changes
  • Stakeholder and councillor engagement
This next stage in the process is to ask you what you think the Council’s future priorities should be.

Setting the vision & priorities
At the moment the Council is focusing on setting the vision and priorities for the Council to 2025. Once these are decided, it is then proposed to :
  • Prepare action plans to explain how we will achieve our priorities; what specific activities the Council will be doing
  • Publish an investment strategy to explain how we will fund these activities.
  • In the face of government cuts, we will need to be self funding, which means acting more commercially.
Measure and monitor our progress in achieving our priorities: this will be through identifying outcomes and success measures and (as we do now) publishing annual progress reports
NOTE:  Our Plan can only cover the things we can do or are responsible for!

Some initial thoughts. .
We’ve been thinking not only about what the Council should do but also how it should do it and the role that local residents can play as well.
It would be particularly helpful to understand views on what the Council should do in relation to:
  • Housing
  • Helping vulnerable people
  • Our greenspaces
  • Health, wellbeing and safety
  • The local economy
  • Volunteering
Given the Council’s funding constraints, we will not be able to do everything. Residents will also have to do their bit.
What should residents be expected to do in return for Council services? for example, volunteering, eat healthily and exercise, recycle, support local businesses?
We currently use various methods to communicate with residents eg borough news, the website, social media. How should we communicate with residents in the future?
This is the timetable for developing the new Plan…
Fill in the form to have your say. .
There is time to send any further thoughts to the Council before the end of July. There will then be a more formal opportunity to input through the public consultation in the autumn.
Please fill in the form below to have your say on the Reigate & Banstead Corporate Plan to the Nork Councilors. Thankyou.

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