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Local Elections 2021

Thursday May 6th 2021 7am-10pm
Why this election is different
Last year’s elections were cancelled in response to covid-19. So this year there are two elections – for both the county council and the borough council. We are fortunate to have two long-term residents who are effective Residents Association councillors and are seeking re-election. They are proud to live in our area and are determined to protect and enhance all that is best in Nork. Our experience is that party politics is best left out of local government. To allow them to work for the welfare and benefit of all residents I urge you to vote for them on 6th May.

George Hinton
Chairman Nork Residents’ Association

Peter grew up and has spent his adult life here in Nork. He is a graduate in archaeology, landscape and environment, and oversaw all archaeological projects in south London and Surrey for a decade
He has advised Historic England and the National Trust.

He is a member of the Planning Committee at Reigate & Banstead council, taking a close interest to ensure new development around the borough is well designed and fits in with the existing area.

Peter is passionate about preserving and enhancing the local environment. At the Council he does this through working groups on heritage, environmental sustainability, and footpaths & cycleways.

He is active in local heritage and conservation bodies. He serves as a Banstead Commons Conservator, helping to preserve the open countryside around Nork. He is a founder member of the Friends of Nork Park where he is a familiar sight, having litter-picked over 600 sacks of litter from the Park in the last year.
Nick has lived in the area for 30 years. He is married to Pam, with three grown up children. He is an economics graduate and has worked for international businesses for 35 years.

Nick is a long-standing member of both Reigate & Banstead (where he represents neighbouring Tattenham Corner and Preston) and Surrey County Councils. He specialises in overviewing financial matters at both councils, to challenge and ensure money is spent wisely. He chairs the Borough’s Scrutiny Committee and Budget Panel; at County he chairs the Resources & Performance Committee and the Pensions Board.

A trustee of Tattenhams Community Library, the charity set up by volunteers to take over the running of the library and a governor at Shawley Primary School.

The Residents Association vigorously scrutinises planning applications, striving to preserve and protect the beauty and character of our area – minimising intensive and detrimental development. We promote the local environment and help residents oppose un-neighbourly cramped schemes with inadequate parking and loss of trees. We have had some notable successes, and have been able to reduce the number of houses in these developments by some 250 houses. Moreover most of the developments that have been built were only approved by the Government Inspector on Appeal after we had persuaded the Planning Committee to refuse the application.

Acting with other parties we have successfully opposed incursions into the Green Belt, and are very concerned by Government proposals to remove constraints on developers, limiting the ability of residents and local councillors to challenge planning applications. We will continue to lobby to ensure the local view is heard.

We voted through an updated Local Plan to avoid significant increases in housing targets proposed by Government. The north of the borough has taken more than its share with many infill cul-de-sacs.
We will continue to protect our local environment through our project to plant new verge trees, enhance the beauty of Nork Park, and assist removing litter from our roads and parks. We support the Nork Park Conservation Volunteers and the recent launch of The Friends of Nork Park.
  Many residents are saying that Nork Park is looking its best for 40 years, with a new playground, outdoor gym and picnic area, daily litter picks and new bins.
Ongoing projects involve the replacement of the skate ramps, a new picnic area, work on the walled kitchen garden, a new upgrade to the Tattenhams Recreation Ground playground, and refreshing the area around the Tattenhams Recreation Ground pavilion.
We have campaigned for repairs and are proud that over the past 8 years more than 45 projects have been delivered. Most of the main through roads have been tackled, most recently A217 Brighton Road. We have turned attention to the residential roads with Nork Way, Ruden Way, Shelley Close, Tangier Wood and The Brindles all having had work done. We continue to lobby for more repairs and improvements. We are very aware that our pavements need attention too.
      We share the concern of residents and shopkeepers about the shortage of parking at the Nork Way shopping parade, and have promoted a scheme for more spaces in Eastgate. This scheme is now being delivered.

In the past we have been sceptical of the endless plans to reorganise local health services. Money now seems to have been found, and whilst our preference would have been to build the new critical care hospital in Epsom, we do acknowledge that the new site in South Sutton is much preferred to St Helier. We will, of course, be asking the questions that are important to you during the development process. We are pleased that many services will remain in Epsom. We oppose suggestions to construct a large car park on the green belt on Banstead Downs as a park-and-ride
The Government has failed the residents of Surrey. Our revenue support grant, already the lowest in England, was withdrawn completely. The main pressure is in social care – two-thirds of county expenditure. Instead of providing the funding for our most vulnerable, to meet the gap the government has encouraged council tax to go up by 14% above inflation over the last 5 years.
 Both councils must be more effective than ever in using our money. This is why we scrutinise budgets in detail – exposing excess spending and highlighting ways to obtain better value.
  We spoke out about the County Council’s disastrous foray into property investment. In a scattergun approach to acquire assets all around the country, the County has lost £60 million in value..
Dear Elector,
We have very much enjoyed serving as your councillors and take pride in our achievements on behalf of residents. With our Residents Association colleagues who are councillors for the Tattenham Corner & Preston ward we are a formidable team of LOCAL residents who put your interests first. Unlike the political parties who vote as a group whatever their ward interests are, our vote is for you. We think party politics are best left out of local government.

We represent our area at both County and Borough Councils, so we can make sure of a consistent and joined up approach. If re-elected, we will continue to support the aims of the Residents Association, working hard to protect the character of the area and to keep it safe, clean and a pleasant place to live. We will also fight to ensure residents get best value for money, despite this Government having withdrawn all Revenue Support Grant.

We ask you to cast your vote for the Residents Association and give us the continuing honour of representing your interests at the Borough and County councils. We will listen to and represent ALL residents, regardless of political persuasion, and will be pleased to hear from you.

Please exercise your vote to help make Nork a better place.

Yours sincerely,
Peter Harp
Nick Harrison

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