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AGM 2023 Minutes

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Present: 43 people, plus the committee members - PDF Version of March 2023 AGM

1. Chairman’s Introduction & Apologies for Absence
There were no apologies for absence.

Bob Ferris (BF) introduced himself as Association Chairman, explained where the emergency exits
were and that there would be refreshments at the end of the meeting, with an opportunity to chat with
the committee members if anyone would like to.

BF offered special thanks to all who are area and road stewards, ensuring the Nork Quarterlies are
delivered to local residents.

2. Minutes from the 2022 AGM
BF apologised that no minutes had been taken at the 2022 AGM, but produced a brief summary from
notes and memory. They were accepted by those present and no questions were asked.

Their adoption was proposed by Sheila Hinton and seconded by Graham Lister. They were adopted

3. Committee Report for 2022
BF read out a pre-written report (copy attached). There were no questions relating to the report.

4. Treasurer’s report and adoption of accounts
Dave Gill (DG) presented highlights from his written report, which was also handed out to those who
wanted a copy during the meeting (copy attached). There were no questions relating to the report.

Their adoption was proposed by Alice Baines and seconded by John Parsons. They were adopted

5. Election of officers and committee
In accordance with the RA committee rules, the Secretary (Cllr Peter Harp), the Treasurer (Dave Gill)
and Councillors Nick Harrison, Peter Harp, Gemma Adamson and George Hinton are automatically
members of the committee.

The officers are all willing to stand for re-election / election:
Bob Ferris
Linda McPartlin
Melanie French
Ralph Maciejewski
Renate Beard
Alex Stevens
BF stated that unless there was any objection, he intended to re-elect them en bloc.
This was proposed by Sheila Hinton and seconded by Graham Lister.

All committee officers were elected unanimously.

6. Presentations from your councillors
Councillor Nick Harrison has been working hard to get agreement for a number of roads and
pavements in the local area to be resurfaced (including Nork Way), following the successful work on
several pavements this year. Over 13 projects have been agreed out of 200 for Surrey as a whole, so
this is very satisfying. The county has repaired 14000 potholes in February and January alone… the
weather is creating major problems with these.

NH has written, on behalf of the association and residents, to London Mayor Sadiq Khan to object to
the ULEZ zone extending into Surrey and as yet has received no reply. 20% of cars in the country
currently don't comply. The charge will be £12.50 a day. The impact on local residents will be high -
and during the cost of living crisis.

NH explained that Surrey County Council voted for a 3% increase in council tax for the local area,
rather than the 5% advised by the Government. Residents Association members supported the lower
increase because the council has a contingency in the upcoming budget and unused funds from this
and prior years, totalling £60 million. Plus a general fund of £48 million on top. However the
Residents Association disagreed with cuts and savings planned in the Surrey County Council budget
of £19 million in the Adult Care budget and £11 million on Children & families, as not being desirable
or deliverable.

The following comments were offered from those attending:
  • One person expressed gratitude that the pot holes are being dealt with
  • Bob Ferris raised that Nick Harrison has been trying to put in measures to prevent speeding in the area. Local residents can volunteer to be ‘community speed watchers’, with a speed camera and provide the film to the police so that they can write to the person involved with a warning. BF asked for volunteers to take on this role, explaining he already has two volunteers on his list: Tim Snuggs and George Hinton offered to do this. Four people means a training course is possible.
  • One gentleman queries whether this would lead to speed signs being put up in the area, but BF confirmed that this was unlikely as the local area has mostly 30 mile hour speed limits, marked by the lamp posts at the edge of the roads.

Councillor Peter Harp reminded everyone during the last year the Residents Association has given £1000 to support relief work in Ukraine and then listed jobs that the Borough Councillors do on residents behalf which were wide and varied and included:

  • Corresponding over footpath resurfacing
  • Talking with heritage officers about projects to improve the local area
  • Supporting local residents with dealing with incidents of disorderly behaviour and other disputes residents are involved in e.g. he has recently helped one resident in a dispute with an energy company
  • Supporting with historical walks
  • Supporting residents with queries about how to promote wild flowers in grass verges.
  • He spends two hours on council emails every day and has many people stopping him in the street to ask questions

A question was asked from those present about the trees in Nork Way growing bigger and bigger. Peter Harp explained that this is a topic he has taken up with Surrey County Council again recently - but they will now only prune trees if a matter of health and safety because of the costs involved.

Councillor George Hinton also reminded everyone that Peter Haro is additionally a representative on the conservators for Banstead Commons - which also takes a lot of investment of time and said that he has seen tree pruning happen but by London Transport for double decker buses.
George Hinton is on the overview and scrutiny committee under chairmanship of Nick Harrison and also previously the Surrey Liaison committee, but this has been disbanded so he sits on full council meetings instead.

He is also involved in supporting a number of local residents with individual concerns, as well as looking after some of the local council notice boards - keeping them up to date with relevant information, including with the horseshoe civic centre & has timetables for their activities up at the moment and other activities e.g. the May Festival.

A question from those present was whether there would be another fish and chip shop on Tattenham Corner. Nick Harrison explained that the shop had closed because the owner died and it has been caught up in probate. It is not known when / if it will reopen.

Councillor Gemma Adamson is standing for re-election in the May 4th elections. She has been a councillor for our local area for 4 years, having previously served in Preston. During the pandemic she was involved in a lot of supporting vulnerable people in the area, delivering food parcels and picking up prescriptions. She spent time looking at parks, footpaths and how these could be improved and liaised with residents who were off work and at home.

Working with Green spaces - she and others have been able to achieve a lot in the local parks - including the renovation of Nork Playground, with a memorial for Brian Stead. The Mayor will be opening this soon, with the date TBC.

Tattenham Rec has also had a full renovation. Green Spaces worked well with Gemma and the park is now much more fit for purpose. Lots of people are showing commitment to keeping it clean and tidy.

The skate park was dismantled because it wasn’t safe. Children had been hurting themselves - danger of fatal injuries. A bid has been granted for a pump track (a small undulating path for smaller children on bikes and scooters), the creation of which needs to be scheduled around the weather - probably in the summer.

A bid has been put in to refurbish the Tattenham Rec Pavillion, which has been empty for 10+ years. Gemma Adamson is working to get this occupied with tenants - but wants to make sure they will fulfil their community responsibilities e.g. the tenants at the Lodge, who do a great job of looking after the Rec as well.

Gemma has been working with the Beacon school (she mum of 3 children in 3 different local schools) to help them make use of the Tattenham Recreation Ground more fully. Football clubs are saying it is a good asset, but not fit for purpose and Gemma wishes to work further on this.

A defibrillator has been funded by the Residents Association and put up outside the Beacon School to benefit both the school and local residents. Melanie French is working on a project to make sure everyone in the area knows where the local defibrillators are available (many companies have brought them but there is not a central list)...

In lock down, Gemma also secured between 2-300 trees now planted across Nork and Banstead. Gemma is happy to apply for new trees to be planted - please email her if you’d like this. She has also been working on an E-newsletter. The Nork Quarterly will continue to be in place - but this will be in addition to this, bi-monthly, to keep people up to date. People will be able to sign up through the website soon.

Questions asked from the floor were:
Will the weekend footballers be able to use the facilities at the pavilion?
Gemma Adamson answered, yes - access will remain but a bigger discussion will be needed as to whether this will stay in use for adult teams or be for children. Lots of teams at the weekend are out of borough - travelling to use our facilities - causing litter. Gemma’s preference would be for one club to be responsible for that ground, preferably for younger children - less hours of the day. Then the school can continue to use it during  the week - and the school has volunteered to help look after one of the pitches. She is open to other ideas if people would like to suggest them, it is a long term project.

Another question was asked about what Green Spaces are:
Gemma explained that they are a team at Reigate and Banstead Borough Council set up to look after the local parks and green spaces.

7. Ratification of NRA Candidate at the 2023 Local Borough Council Election on May 4.
Bob Ferris - thanked Gemma and invited those present to ratify the decision for Gemma Admson of Tangier Way to be our NRA candidate for the elections in MAY.

This was proposed by Peter Harp and seconded by Sheila Hinton and was agreed unanimously.

8. Questions to the committee
A question was asked about the name Horizon, which Nick Harrison explained was the name given by the county 10 years ago for the road resurfacing programme.

A further question was asked about what CIL is.
And Nick Harrison explained that it is
one of the biggest sources of funding is the COMMUNITY INFRASTRUCTURE LEVY - a levy put on all new building developments in the borough, which produces a fund. 15% of this becomes local CIL. The other 85% is borough wide for major projects. The local CIL becomes a fund for community projects. Organisations can bid. These are usually projects less than £10,000 for individual projects. The local council meets every quarter and looks at the proposals and puts forward the ideas of local residents.

Bob Ferris encouraged everyone to make suggestions as to things people would like CIL funding to be spent on.

A question was asked about where the ULEZ zone will extend to
and Nick Harrison explained that it will come very near to Nork.

9. AOB
Peter Harp raised that he would like to draw everyone’s attention to the new Nork Business Guild, where businesses at the end of Nork Way are joining together to try and improve the provision in the local area. They are looking for ways to make the area better for both residents and businesses.

Peter Harp is working with Raven Housing to do some work to improve the gardens at the front of the flats in that area. Work is also taking place to try and control the parking. If the Business Guild is successful, it is hoped that this can be expanded to the other parades of shops too.

Bob Ferris said to everyone present that if they have any further questions, please do ask about anything - and also please make suggestions to the committee of what they would like us to do.

He thanked everyone for attending the meeting and everyone who is involved in the Nork Residents Association - the Councillors, the committee, the area and road stewards.

The meeting concluded at 9.30 pm.

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